Purchaser shall pay for any and all unrecoverable costs resulting from the cancellation of any order.

If the Purchaser cancels a portion of an order, Crypto Station reserves the right to back-bill the Purchaser to account for any differences in quantity discounts.


Crypto Station has a Non-Cancellable/Non-Returnable (“NCNR”) product policy that is only applicable on certain products except for where quality problems apply. 

* Due to the high demand for the product “SenseCap M1”, we do our best to avail it as soon as possible. This means that in some cases if the 8GB version is not available, we may ship the 4GB or 2GB instead. In such situations, the buyer would be eligible for a refund of the variance upon contact with our customer support.

Contact Us to review the problem if you want to return your unit.


Crypto Station will accept a return of unused, unmodified standard goods, and sealed in original packaging within fourteen (14) days of delivery and refund the price paid less (i) any testing charges, if applicable, and (ii) a fifteen percent (15%) restocking charge. Acceptance of returns after 14 days shall be at Crypto Station’s sole discretion.

If accepted, such returns will be for merchandise credit only and shall be subject to any testing charges and a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee; any exception to that will be solely at Crypto Station’s discretion.

Crypto Station shall not be obligated to accept a return of used or unused goods which are covered under the warranty which is obsolete inventory.

Products must be returned in the original unopened packaging, clean and free of toxins, and in their original testable format.

Defective Goods

Return of a product under warranty requires proof that the Purchaser is the original purchaser of the product directly from Crypto Station.

Any warranty is void if products have been damaged by the purchaser as a result of improper maintenance, abuse, misuse, mishandling, misapplication, error or negligence of the Purchaser, or if there has been an unauthorized alteration, attachment or modification.


There are no warranties beyond the expressed warranty offered with the sale of each particular product.

For products where crypto station is acting as a distributor, crypto station will transfer to the purchaser any transferable warranties or indemnities that the manufacturer of the product provides to crypto station.

In such cases where crypto station is acting as a distributor, no additional warranties are given or implied beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, if any.

In no event shall crypto station be liable for loss of profits or indirect, consequential, incidental, special or other similar damages arising out of any breach of this contract or obligations under this contract, including breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability, or any other legal theory.