About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts who are focused on providing solutions for crypto users in UAE and the middle east, and educate the community about blockchain technology which we believe is the current big thing. Combined, we have massive experience in the fields of blockchain, ecommerce, and customer service, and we decided to put them in good use and to give back to our ever expanding community.

About Us

Our Values

Customer Obsessed

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We understand that any successful business cannot thrive without loyal customers. That’s why we have a dedicated customer service team that is trained up to the highest standards, equipped with all the needed knowledge to deliver the best customer service experience.

”We are committed to deliver the best customer service experience.”
Khaled ElZarw

Our Values

Speed, Simplicity & Trust

We understand that time is money, therefore we aim to deliver the smoothest customer journey from the moment you land on the home page, until the product reaches your doorstep. We are working continuously on simplifying our UI, improving our servers, and mitigating any redundancies that would get in our customers’ way to achieve the smoothest journey, without compromising on security.

“We must ensure efficiency, with zero compromises on quality or security.”
Mohamed Sulieman

Our Values

Continuous Adaptation​

Both industries “Crypto and Ecommerce” are extremely competitive and move as fast as the speed of light. Our infrastructure has been built with scaling in mind, and the ability to pivot when needed to meet the customers’ demands and the market’s needs. With that in mind, we also take our customers’ feedback very seriously as it’s the only way to give us insights on what we are doing right, and what needs to be improved.

“If we don’t adapt, we will perish”
Omnia Osman
Vice President

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