5 Steps to Connect LoRaWAN Sensor to Helium with Datacake Templates

Taking SenseCAP LoRaWAN Air Temperature & Humidity Sensor as an example, I will walk you through the simple steps here: 

Step 1: Get Device EUI, APP EUI, and Key 

You can find the Device EUI key on the label of SenseCAP LoRaWAN Sensors. APP EUI and APP Key have been flashed into the devices and you can use HTTP API to get the App EUI and App Key. 

Step 2: Create a Datacake Account

Step 3: Create an account on Helium Console

Log in to your newly created account, now you can add new devices, new integration, and configure the flows.

Step 4: Add the Device to Datacake

Step 4: Add the Device to Datacake

Log in to your previously created Datacake account, add the devices to Datacake, and make some settings.  

Step 5: Power on the device and start monitoring 

Now you can power on the device and start checking the data of your sensor on Helium Console as well as Datacake. Voila! Now you can monitor the air temperature and humidity data in your environment! You might want to monitor other parameters? Rest assured! Here at Seeed, we’ve developed a series of industrial LoRaWAN sensors specifically focusing on environmental monitoring.